Time Speed and Distance Aptitude Questions and Answers

Time, Speed and Distance aptitude questions and answers are solved with detail explanation and with appropriate formula.

Time, Speed and Distance Important Formulas

1. A boy covers a distance of 12 km in 3 hours. Find the average speed of the boy?

A. 3 km/hr

B. 4 km/hr

C. 5 km/ hr

D. 6 km/hr

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2. Rahul runs at average speed of 4 kmh. If Rahul runs for 2 hours and 30 minutes, how far did he traveled?

A. 12 km

B. 11 km

C. 10 km

D. 15 km

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3. A Bus travels at speed of 90 km per hour. Find the Bus speed in meters per second?

A. 20m sec .

B. 22m sec

C. 24m sec

D. 25m sec

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4. A bikes travels at speed of 20m sec. Calculate its speed in kilometers per hour?

A. 65 m/s

B. 70 m/s

C. 72 m/s

D. 75 m/s

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5. A train running at the rate of 50 km per hour crosses a tunnel in 6 minutes. What is the length of the tunnel?

A. 5 km

B. 10 km

C. 12 km

D. 15 km

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6. Rohan was walking at 2/3 of his usual speed, he was late for office by 8 minutes. What is Rohan usual speed?

A. 10 min

B. 12 min

C. 14 min

D. 16 min

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7. Speed of Train A and Train B are in the ratio of 5:4. If Train B runs 200 km in 5 hours, Find the speed of Train A?

A. 25 km

B. 30 km

C. 50 km

D. 55 km

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