AMCAT vs eLitmus – Which is Better for Freshers

AMCAT and eLitmus are the best platform to land your dream job. Both have tied up with leading IT companies and Fortune 500 companies and provide best job opportunities for freshers. But to decide which is better for freshers, we have done a details analysis (on eLitmus vs AMCAT) below:

If you want a good job,  go with AMCAT and if you want a better job,  proceed with eLitmus.

Pro’s and Con’s of AMCAT:


  • Easy to get good score and simple questions
  • Results are declared within a week.
  • Lot of job opportunities in different industries.
  • No Negative marking.


  • No high package salary jobs when compared to eLitmus.
  • Will get most of the interview calls from small companies and mid-size
  • Lots of Tech Support and Marketing jobs now-a-days.
  • Cannot go back to previous questions.

Pro’s and Con’s of eLitmus:


  • Better jobs than AMCAT
  • Very high salary package.
  • Most of the companies will be from Fortune 500 and leading IT companies.


  • Very difficult to crack the test
  • Requires preparation up to the level of CAT.
  • eLitmus jobs profile required candidate from premier institute like IIT, NIIT, and top engineering college from the country.
  • Negative Marking


Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test(acronym as AMCAT) is one of the most popular assessment test for freshers and recruitment drive. AMCAT evaluates your English, logical reasoning and aptitude skills. Apart from those skills, it also assess your technical skills as well as personality test. This test can be taken by any graduates and from any stream like IT, Finance, Electronic & Semi-Conductor Commerce and Marketing etc.  It has two module: compulsory and optional module.

About eLitmus

eLimus is employee assessment test for entry-level jobs. eLitmus Evaluation was establish on 2005. The employers include from leading IT companies to Fortune 500 companies. ELitmus has three sections: Quantitative, Verbal and Logical Reasoning. Depending upon the  pH(Hiring Potential) and companies requirement you will gets the interview calls.

Cost and Validity of Score:

  • The cost of eLitmus is Rs. 920 (including Service Tax.). The score for eLitmus is valid for 2 years.
  • AMCAT cost around Rs. 1000. AMCAT score is also valid for 2 years

Interview calls and Selection:

Candidates are shortlisted(for eLitmus & AMCAT) based up on below factors:

  • Based on the test score
  • Percentage of the academics
  • Certification and Course (Optional)

If you have score low, there is less chances of getting calls and also in many instances you won’t even get a single call if you percentile is really low.  But in AMCAT, sometimes even if you have low score, sometimes might get interview calls.

Both offer different jobs opportunities for freshers in different fields other than software engineer(IT jobs) like marketing, finance and accounting, customer support, technical support etc.


elitmus do not provide any particular syllabus whereas AMCAT does provide in depth syllabus for the test, and moreover the question for AMCAT is very much predictable but it has time limit so it is very difficult to solve within the time. And the questions from eLitmus is almost unpredictable and very difficult to solve.

eLitmus Exam Syllabus, Question Paper & pH Test Pattern

AMCAT Syllabus, Question Paper and Exam Pattern


  • AMCAT releases their result with in a week whereas eLitmus take more than 2 weeks and in worst case, it may take more than a month.
  • The feedback details of AMCAT is very detail and precise where as eLitmus does not provide details analysis but only the score and percentile in each section.

Which is better for freshers: AMCAT or eLitmus?

  • AMCAT is much easier than eLitmus when compare to the type of question being asked in the test.
  • eLitmus and AMCAT both requires good percentage in the academics. The minimum criteria will be 60% or 65%. But if you have more 70% you are save to apply any job.
  • AMCAT mainly focus on the overall skills(aptitude, logical, English, computer programming and personality test) whereas eLitmus focus on only three areas: aptitude, logical and English.
  • eLitmus has high salary package ranging from 2.4 lpa to 20 lpa, whereas AMCAT has very low salary package from 1.2 lpa to 3.4 lpa only.
  • elitmus is tied up with companies like Khosla Labs, National Instruments, Intel Securities (McCafee), RBS, Citigroup, Black Rock, Barracuda, Accenture, Mindtree, MAQ Software etc. AMCAT also tied up with some reputed company was Flipkart and Snapdeal, Cognizant, Wipro, Accenture, NTT Data etc.
  • eLitmus conduct interviews drives mostly from Bangalore. The other major cities it hires is from Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Delhi.
  • AMCAT hires freshers graduates from all parts of the countries. The major cities include Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata.

If you want to get a good job, why not take both the test and increase your chances of getting job in leading IT companies. Moreover, if you prepared for one test, it will be helpful for the other test too.