Analogies – Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Analogies is asked most commonly in aptitude test for job, bank exam like IBPS and many other competitive exams. Most people think analogies are easy but there are not. It’s because, you need not just answers the opposite or synonym of the given word but you need to find the relation’s to given pair of words. Thus, practice makes you perfect and you may correctly answer analogies, you can easily score good.

1. Oceans is to deserts and waves is to

A. Dust

B. Sand Dunes

C. Ripples

D. Sea

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Answer: B

2. Bacteria : Decomposition ::

A. oxygen : treatment

B. yeast : fermentation

C. volcano : eruption

D. antibiotic : injection

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Answer: B

3. Growth : Death :: Increase : ?

A. Ease

B. Tease

C. Decrease

D. Cease

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Answer: C

4. Enough : Excess :: Sufficiency : ?

A. Adequacy

B. Competency

C. Surplus

D. Import

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Answer: C

5. Fruits : Apple :: Monuments :

A. Tajmahal

B. Students

C. Knowledge

D. History

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Answer: A

6. Flow : River :: Stagnant :

A. Pool

B. Stream

C. Canal

D. Rain

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Answer: A

7. Paw : Cat :: Hoof : ?

A. Lamb

B. Elephant

C. Lion

D. Horse

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Answer: Horse

8. Peacock : India :: Bear : ?

A. Australia

B. America

C. Russia

D. England

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Answer: C

9. Carbon : Diamond :: Corundum : ?

A. Garnet

B. Ruby

C. Pukhraj

D. Pearl

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Answer: B

10. Country : President :: State :

A. Governor


C. Legislator

D. Minister

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Answer: A

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