ASP .NET Interview Questions and Answers

The commonly asked ASP .NET Interview Questions and Answers for Experience and Freshers are given below:

1. What is ASP .NET?

ASP .NET is one of the framework of .NET for building dynamic web pages and web applications. ASP .NET is open source web scripting which was developed by Microsoft for building dynamic websites. It also support other .NET framework like Visual Basic .NET, C# etc.

2. What are the difference between ASP and ASP .NET?

ASP is Active Server Pages to build dynamic web pages but OOP concept are fully not supported whereas ASP .NET supports OOP concept. ASP does not have built in support for XML whereas ASP .NET has built in support for XML.

3. What are the types of ASP .NET models?

ASP .NET supports three different models. They are: Web Pages, MVC(Model View Controller) and Web Forms.

4. What is MVC in ASP .NET?

MVC is Model View Controller. MVC is one programming model used In ASP .NET model. In MVC, model is the core information where View display the information and Controller handles the information.

5. Explain about ASP .NET Page Life Cycle?

The General ASP .NET Page Life Cycle goes through the following stages: Page Request, Start, Page Initialization, Load, Validation, Postback Event Handling, Rendering and Unload.

6. What are the Validators in ASP. NET?

In ASP .NET Validators are used to validate the input data it received and if the data does not pass validation, it leads to error and an error message will be shown.

7. What are the different types of ASP. NET?

There are different types of validators used in ASP .NET. They are:

  • CustomValidator
  • RangeValidator
  • ValidationSummary
  • RequiredFieldValidator
  • RegularExpressionValidator
  • CompareValidator

8. What is Session?

Session is used to store data¬¬¬¬ of users for particular time. Session will expire after certain period of time like 10 minutes.

9. What is the method to end session of user?

The session can be ended with the help of Session.Abandon() method. When the user tries to regain the session, the users is redirected to get new session ID.

10. What are Session Events?

Session_Start and Session_End are the two types of session events available in ASP .NET.

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