IBM Online Test Pattern, Syllabus and Selection Process

The International Business Machines(IBM) Corporation has its subsidiary in India has IBM India, which provides the has most number of employment opportunity in India, because it has one-third of its employee workforce is based in India. So, you can expect that you have have a chance to work with IBM.

IBM conducts Off campus drive throughout India for freshers and if you are interested to work with IBM, both freshers and experience can register here IBM Careers. After applying to IBM, if you are shortlisted, then you will get invitation for off campus selection process for freshers and direct walk-in, if you are experience. For freshers, IBM hires only through off campus or on campus drives. If you are lucky one to be shortlisted, here are some tips to crack IBM written test which are shared here to help you get through it.

IBM Registration Link for Freshers & Experience

No. of Rounds for IBM Interview:

  1. Online Aptitude and  English Assessment Test
  2. Technical Round
  3. HR Round

1. Online Aptitude and English Assessment Test pattern and syllabus:

It is advice to practice all the previous placements papers of IBM. This is helps a lot for preparing for the written exam. English is the easiest section to crack while aptitude is require bit of hard work.

i) Online Aptitude Test(40 Question & 90 Minutes):

In this test, there are 20 numerical series and 20 qualitative aptitude questions

The online test syllabus for aptitude include some basics topics like:

  • Time and distance.
  • Percentages.
  • Time and work.
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Ages.
  • Average
  • Profit and loss
  • Geometry and Mensuration

It is recommended to see all topics for aptitude from books like RS Agarwal – Qualitative Aptitude(Buy Now)

Numerical Series Questions from Previous IBM Test :

  • 9,15,26/3,29/2,25/3,14,8,27/2,_?
  • 5,50,10,40,15,30,20,20,_?
  • 1.25,3,7.1,1.50,1.81,_?
  • 7/6,2/3,11/6,13/6,5/2,_?
  • 5,17,37,67,_?

ii)English Assessment Test:

English Assessment test is very easy if you are good and proficient at English. If you are not good at English, just practice all the topics which are given below.

Syllabus for English test which covers topics like:

  • Business Email Format
  • Active passive voice
  • Word Analogy
  • Sentence Correction
  • Vocabulary
  • Basic Grammar

Some of previous IBM Questions:

1).Correct form of English:

a) Samuel was with Susan and I

b) Samuel was with Susan and me

c) Samuel was with I and Susan

d) Samuel was with me and Susan

e) None of these

2). In formal email personal introduction should be done.

1. After the body of letter.

2. Within body of letter.

3. At the start of body of letter.

3). Find the active voice sentence below.

The car has driven by him.

He cleaned the car.

It will be more complex algorithm.


  • There is No Negative Marking for any questions
  • There may additional round i.e. Group Discussion, if required, after online aptitude and English Exam which depends on the number of candidates appearing for written test in the campus selection.

Almost all question will be ask from RS Agarwal – Qualitative Aptitude(Buy Now)

2. Technical Round:

For any technical round, it is very important that you need to have good knowledge in any of the programming language like C, Java and basics of database.

Question usually asked in IBM Technical rounds are:

  • About project and your role?
  • Basic programming questions from C, Java, SQL, etc?
  • Some questions from your Resume?
  • About your academics?
  • Which is your favorite subject?

3. HR Round:

Some of the HR questions which are commonly asked in this round are:

  • What do know about IBM?
  • Why you want to join IBM?
  • Tell about yourself?
  • How you have contribute to your project?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

If you done it Tech Round, it is almost certain that you will be selected, but don’t be overconfident and prepared well for HR round too.

Confidence is the key to success for both Technical and HR rounds. Have a bit of smile while answering, speak fluently.

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