Mindtree Online Test Pattern, Syllabus and Selection Process

Mindtree is a multi-nation outsourcing company IT company with global presence all over the world like India, USA, Europe and headquarters in Bangalore. It was founded by ten professional in 1999, who work previously for Wipro and Lucent Technologies. The core fields of the company are data analytics, cloud computing, ERP, application development and infrastructure management. It is one of the top 10 IT outsourcing company in India.

Mindtree hires freshers only through campus placements, AMCAT and eLitmus.  The process of recruitment and selection process may vary depending up on the job requirement. All the employees in Mindtree are called as Mindtree Minds and freshers(who are being trained in Bangalore campus) are called Kalinga.

Before going to attend Mindtree campus drive, it is better to see previous placement papers and syllabus for good chances of clearing the aptitude test and interview.

The process of recruitment in Mindtree (based on last few years) consists of 3 – 4 rounds of interview.

There are three rounds in Mindtree: 

  1. Online test
  2. Technical Round
  3. HR Round

1. Online Written Test:

The online test pattern and syllabus for aptitude exam for Mindtree is almost similar to AMCAT. Please refer this link: AMCAT Syllabus, Question Paper and Exam Pattern

There will be three sections in this round

English: The verbal sections consist of topics like:  find grammatical errors, synonyms and antonyms, Reading Comprehension, Jumbled Sentences and also correction of sentences.

Quantitative Aptitude: The topics covered in this section are Average, Time and Work, Simplification, Probability, Profit and Loss, Permutations and Combinations, LCM & HCF, Percentage etc.

Logical reasoning: Coding and Decoding, Seating Arrangements, Blood Relations and Puzzles

Note: For Quantitative Aptitude, R.S. Agarwal book is more than enough.

The English and aptitude sections contain 25 questions(25 min.) each and logical reasoning contains 24 questions and 35 minutes. 

Note 1: If you shortlisted based on your eLitmus or AMCAT score, then you do not have to write the aptitude test. There will be only two rounds of interview: Programming and Technical(cum HR) round.

If you are writing AMCAT test, try to remember this point:

  • There is no option to skip questions.
  • You cannot go back to previous question.
  • There is No negative marking.

Note 2: Sometime, Mindtree may conduct programming test as well. The questions asked in this test are C programming and algorithms.

Programming Test:

In Programming test, you need to write two program depending upon the logic and the duration of this round will be around 30-45 minutes.

The topics covered in programming test round are: C programming, OOPS concepts, Data Structures, Complexity Analysis etc.

The previous questions asked in this round are:

  • Find whether the array is palindrome or not
  • Input 5 numbers in an array and find the Pythagorean triplets in them and print it.

After writing the program, you need to compile and run it successfully.

Note: This is not elimination round, but this round performance matter most in the Technical round.

2. Technical Round:

In this Technical round (from Mindtree perspective), they will mostly asked questions from C Programming language for freshers. So, you should brush up your basics in C language concepts.

Other than C programming, they can asked some basics questions from Java, Database Management System(DBMS), Computer Network and OOPS topics. You should be well prepared with one of the core subject from your academics.

Some of the Technical Questions asked are:

  • What are pointers in C?
  • Which is your favorite subject in engineering and why?
  • Basic questions from Data Structure and Algorithm?

Note: If you have written programming test, the interviewer will have your snippets of codes and be ready to explain and answer question for it.

3. HR Round:

HR round is very easy if you have good command over English language. The interviewer just checks yours communications skills and confidences. Sometimes, they may even asked technical and logical questions to check your logical skills.

The HR will try to may you nervous (so that you can loose your confidants), so be prepared & have a good smile and never get trapped into that situation.

The most common HR questions will be:

  • Tell Something about Yourself ( or apart from your resume).
  • Why do you want to join Mindtree though there are many companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc.
  • Why should Mindtree recruit you (or I hire you).
  • If you will not be given offer letter, then how you will feel?
  • What are you strength and Weakness?
  • How is your favorite person (sportsmen, film star or politician) and why you like him?
  • Who is your role model and why?

Tip: If HR asks questions like relocation, shift, you should agree to all his conditions for better chances of getting selected.

Mindtree provides one of the best platform for freshers to build their career.