Tell me about yourself – Interview Question and Answer

The most commonly asked question in the interview is “Tell me about yourself”. This question is a tricky one because it looks to be easy but in reality, it is not. Based on your answer the interviewer knows, are you the perfect match for this job or not?

Anyone going to the interview knows that the question will be asked as expected. Though most of them are not prepared enough to say in a meaning way. Moreover, this is not an open-ended question that can be responded with yes or no.

I would recommend not to use terms like a dedicated, hardworking, quick learner, etc. It ruins your first impression, as the interviewer will be bored as he hears the same kind of responses from all other candidates. You need to stand out and sound different from the masses, that’s what creates a good impression.

Practice, Practice, and Practice.

There is no other way around to master introducing about yourself without practice. As said, “practice makes a man perfect”, same applies here.  Have the content ready to say, but do not memorize otherwise it will look scripted. Record your voice, listen to it and repeat until you get confidence in yourself.


You need to take time and recollect about the strengths you possess like experience, skills, and the quality which set you apart from other applicants.


You shouldn’t be saying your life story or go through your resume point by point. Summarize your work and professional experience which you have acquired over the years. It is better to share your personal qualities, skills or expertise which suits the job. If you don’t have any experience, start with your education.

A better way to answer, “Tell me about yourself”

A good way to start with your present i.e. what you are doing right now, then talk about previous experience and why you are excited about this opportunity.

Please keep the following points in mind while you answering the questions:

  • You should be prepared to speak for at least 60 seconds, or 2 minutes if the interviewer wants more, you a need to continue talking.
  • You need to show, how you can make a difference if there choose you for the job

If we are sharing too much information, it should be avoided and so sharing too little information which doesn’t either work.

A good way of introducing yourself:

Well, I’m currently working as a Software Engineer at Google and my role here involves to make design and application changes as per the requirements. Before that, I worked at Amazon where I made custom web-based applications…


I have started my career with Apple and currently working with IBM since 2 years. I have worked on various domains like Finance, Healthcare, and e-commerce. I worked on technology like Java, SQL, Python to name a few…

The bad way of saying it.

Please do not get started with your name. Almost, all the interviewer know your name from the resume and no need to repeat it again.

For instance, he greets you, Good morning John, so let’s get started with the interview, and asks “tell me about yourself”. Then if you start by saying your name, it looks totally strange.

My name is Rahul Sharma. I was born in Hyderabad and did my graduation from JNTU with specialization in Electronics and Communication Engineering. And I passed with distinction.  I have worked with Accenture for 2 years and later joined TCS, where I am currently working from last 1 year. I would like to listen to music, reading books and playing cricket. [Never introduce yourself this way]

I would advise watching following youtube video’s [links provided], which gives you a fairly good idea on how to introduce yourself.

Tell Me About Yourself – A Good Answer to This Interview Question
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Be concise, have self-confidence, a smile on your face, maintain a good body language, keep eye contact and be natural while speaking. Think it is just another discussion you are having with the interviewer. Hope, you will perform exceptionally good in the interview and wish you all the best!